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The Early Learning Center is opened year-round for children ages 3, 4, and 5.

7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday - Thursday 
7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m, Fridays (late sunset), & 4:30 (early sunset) 

PEACH/CAPS Accepted 

Healthy meals and snacks served daily 

Our school based learning environment focuses on Kindergarten readiness and exposes the children to concepts in the areas of arts & crafts, Bible stories, phonics, basic Spanish, recognition of numbers and the letters of the English alphabet, colors, and shapes. 




A yearly registration fee of $150.00  is due at the time of enrollment and at the time of annual contract renewal.  A $85.00 weekly fee is due in advance every Monday.  Weekly fees paid after Monday will be subject to a $5.00 late fee per day.  The Educational Center fee is subject to change with two weeks notice given to parents.

Your center payments may be eligible for a tax credit.  You will be issued a statement upon request of what was paid for the year. 

The full weekly fee will be charged for any child present three days a week.  A charge of $20.00 per day will be assessed for a child present two days or less.  Parents are charged $35.00 for insufficient or account closed checks.  Should this occur, parents cannot expect to make future payments by check.



All enrollment forms must be completed prior to the childs first day.  An advance payment for the registration fee and the first week of care must accompany all enrollment forms to hold an opening.  It will not be refunded if the parent fails to start the child on the agreed date.  


No child will be permitted without an Immunization 3231 Form and Birth Certificate.  


Children who will profit from group experiences in a classroom setting will be accepted on a trial basis.  At the end of two weeks it may be determined that the child will not profit from this service and other arrangements must be made.



Children who are seriously ill MAY NOT remain in center.  Parents will be notified immediately if a child appears ill.

Any child with a fever MAY NOT attend daycare.  Parents will be notified when a communicable disease is introduced into the center.  Parents are requested to notify the center immediately if their child contracts a communicable disease.


MEDICATION WILL NOT BE ADMINISTERED BY THE TEACHER.  A Ramah Office Staff Member will administer medication ONLY if a signed authorization form is completed and ONLY if the medication is prescribed by a licensed physician and the dosage instructions are clearly given on a current prescription bottle.  Even then, Ramah will only administer medication if a dosage is required during school hours.

If a child is on medication, please give the first dosage a home.  If it must be given at the center, the parent must remain at least twenty minutes afterwards in case the child has a reaction from it.  Scratches and scrapes are inevitable when children play and will be treated with an antiseptic and a Band-Aid.  For anything more serious, you will be notified at once.



Parents will furnish foods for a child on a special diet.  Children not on a special diet should not bring food to the daycare.

Two nutritious hot meals and adequate snacks are provided.  Weekly menus are posted on the bulletin board for your viewing.

We make special days for birthdays.  Parents are responsible for cakes, ice cream, cookies or other treats.  Please let us know in advance what you have planned.



Children are provided with toys at the center and should be discouraged from bringing toys.  The center cannot be responsible for these toys; however, children are allowed to bring toys on Fridays at their own risk.

Each child must have a change of clothing left at the center to be used for emergencies.  All clothing should be labeled.

All children should wear comfortable clothing for play.  Children will be allowed to play out-of-doors daily except in inclement weather.  Make sure that your child wears suitable clothing each day.



Each child will have the advantage of an afternoon nap or rest period each day.



No type of corporal punishment will be used for disciplinary purposes with your child nor will punishment be associated with food, napping, or toileting.  Loud, profane or abusive language will not be used.  If a child is not behaving acceptably, a conference will be scheduled so that the daycare provider, parent and child can work to improve the behavior.



Only educational programs will be watched with a limit of ½ - 2 hours per day.



Ramah Junior Academy Childhood and Education Center will take the children on several filed trips during the year. 

Parents will be asked to sign an authorization form giving the school permission to take their child.

Sometimes, depending on where the field trip will take place, there may be an admittance fee for certain places.  The fee is the responsibility of the parents.



Children will not be allowed to leave with anyone except the custodial parents or other persons designated on the enrollment form.

Any other person picking up a child must have written authorization from the parents.  The parents will need to call the provider and give the name of that person.  That person must show some form of identification and sign the child out.  The procedure is for you and your childs protection as well as for the provider.  Parents or designated persons must sign their child out each day.



Ramah Early Learning Center will follow for the most part the calendar of the Ramah Academy.  Parents will be notified of the days that the Early Learning Center will operate when the Academy may be out. 



Any child taken out for the summer will not be guaranteed a spot after summer.  All vacancies will need to be filled as soon as possible.

Family vacation weeks are payable at half the weekly rate to hold that childs spot.  Vacation fees are due in advance on the childs last day at school before vacation.  These fees are payable regardless of two weeks notice being given.

Two weeks notice must be given to the treasurer when a child is going on vacation.  Failure to give notice will result in full weekly fees being due instead of half.

Each child is allowed two weeks of vacation per year at half the weekly fees.  Any other time taken for vacation beyond the two weeks will be paid at the full weekly rate.



All vacation & leave of absence fees must be paid in advance.  These fees will not be refunded if the child fails to return to school. 



The school needs to be notified as soon as possible when a child is going to be out for any reason.  Parents will still be charged for the day or days they fail to call when a child is going to be absent.  The school needs to know by 8:15 AM when a child is going to be absent.  This will prevent wasted food and it will also help determine if an aide is needed for that day.  Failure to do this will result in those expenses being passed on to the parents.

Failure to send a child to school for no particular reason will result in the full weekly fees being due.  EXAMPLE:  Im keeping Johnny home this week or Letting him stay at his grandmothers because I have too many bills to pay this week.  Please keep in mind that Ramah Junior Academy Childhood Education Center have bills to pay also.  The only excuse the school will accept is illness or death.  If the child is out for any other reason, unless on vacation, those fees will have to be paid the morning the child returns to school.  

A place in the program cannot be held for a leave of absence unless that space is reserved at the full weekly fee rate.

Children withdrawn for a leave of absence cannot be guaranteed his/her place upon return.  All available places will be filled as soon as there is an opening.




Department of Family and Children Services will pay the yearly registration fees.

The parent is required to pay the difference between what DFCS pays and what the school charges for weekly fees.

Since this is such a nominal fee and DFCS pays the provider monthly, this difference is payable in advance for the whole month at the beginning of the month.  This amount is determined by the number of Mondays in that month.  If the child is out for a legitimate reason during that month, you will be given a refund for those days.

It is Ramahs' understanding that when a parent on a special program is not in school or not working, that child should not be brought to the Education Center since DFCS will not pay for those days unless you have cleared it with them.  If a child attends under the above-mentioned circumstances and DFCS refuses payment, the parent will be responsible for the full payment.  The child will not be allowed to return to school until payment is made.

The difference is the weekly fees payable by the parent is due for the month on the day a child is enrolled.

If a child is kept out for a whole week for no legitimate reason, please keep in mind that DFCS will not pay the provider (Ramah) for that week.  If the child is brought to the Education Center for any length of time for one day of that week, the provider (Ramah) will be paid for the whole week.  This will keep the fee from being passed on to the parent because of negligence.



In order to keep the school functioning to its fullest potential and to help keep expenses down, fundraisers are needed to help offset expenses.  These fundraisers help pay for new toys, replace broken toys, equipment, educational programs, and supplies for special activities, etc.  Ramah Junior Academy Childhood Education Center will have at least 1-3 fundraisers each year for this purpose.



Parents are expected to notify the center immediately of change in name, address, phone numbers, or place of employment so that they can be contacted in case of emergencies.

Please take an interest in our program and talk to your child about his activities here and help your child with any homework assignments.


Parents are encouraged to discuss their concerns and questions with the provider and are permitted access to the center at any time.

The center is open for suggestions and discussion of this program.  Please let us know if you want to discuss something which has taken place at the center or that you would like to see take place.

Lets treat each other with respect.  The chain of command is as follows:


Daycare Lead Teacher

Principal/Site Director


If you have any concerns or problems that need to be addressed, please follow the chain of command for resolution.

Please try to limit your calls to normal business hours.  If contact is needed after hours, call the daycare first (912-232-5882), if no answer call the main office (912-233-3101) and leave a message. 


NOTE:  Messages will not be reviewed until the next business day.

A copy of state rules and regulations are available for your viewing upon request.



(912) 233-3101 DayCare Contact Number



Established 1914 to Train the Heart - Head - Hands

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